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Egypt bid to bridge a gulf
Hoping to bolster its credentials as a reinvented leader of the Arab world, Egypt has begun an extraordinary balancing act by reaching out to Iran, and simultaneously sending the signals of continu
Atul Aneja
Mending Fences Iran and Egypt
For well over three decades, relations between Iran and Egypt, the seats of two great ancient civilisations, were anything but friendly. A ‘revolution’ had brought an end to the pro-US Iranian mon
Atul Cowshish
Ahmadinejad Visits Egypt, Signalling Realignment
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s historic three-day trip to Egypt, the fi rst in three decades by an Iranian leader, started pleasantly enough on Tuesday. Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, greeted
Kareem Fahim And Mayy El Sheikh
Republic Days
As I sat wrapped up in woollen shawl with a fi re and an electric heater to help me warm on a very chilly Republic Day to watch the Parade down Rajpath, I wondered what the scene would have been
Khushwant Singh
Regal, but not yet imperial
I am surprised over the ease with which a public figure like Pranab Mukherjee has slipped into regal environment of President’s office. In six months’ time he is a diff erent person in the midst o
Kuldip Nayar
Why was Bose diminished on Republic Day?
Subhash Chandra Bose broke the backbone of British rule when he destroyed the trust between the British Raj and its armed forces. We measure power through size. Check any political poster. The bo
M J Akbar
Who Do You Think You Are?
British actor/singer/writer Alistair McGowan had always thought he was of Scottish ancestry—until he appeared in the BBC television programme Who Do You Think You Are? Each episode in this series
Raihana A Hasan
Intolerance of the State
The intolerance of the state—visible at all levels of its functioning really—is creeping into society that appears to be always on edge about issues that really merit minimal response. A trigger h
Seema Mustafa
A Five Point Formula for a Riot-Free India
If one goes by the activities of rightwing Hindutva forces and the government’s total inaction, nay, paralysis, India’s legacy of communalism and communal violence is here to stay. The lull in com
Asghar Ali Engineer
Safety for the last woman
The trauma and eventual death of a young student from Delhi following her brutal gang rape awakened many across the country to demand accountability from the government to establish stronger laws
Harsh Mander
Woe to the Victor
“Vae Victis!” was the Roman cry. Woe to the vanquished. I would alter it slightly: “Vae Victori”, Woe to the victor! The outstanding example is the astounding victory Israel won in June 1967. Afte
Uri Avnery
Jaffer still trying hard
Wasim Jaffer’s name as a probable candidate for the Gavaskar-Border Trophy was doing the rounds in recent times. The call of the willow and the urge to score runs peaks before a Test series, much
G Viswanath
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